Child Support​​


Strengthening Every Member
of the Family Unit and
The Partners That Serve Them

  1. Child Support
    WeAreParents provides child support assistance to custodial and non-custodial parents. We have more than twenty years of experience, serving in a variety of roles with the child support program. We provide client based child support assistance to parents across the country.
  2. Co-parenting
    WeAreParents believes that true child support embodies monetary support, time sharing, and the positive influence from both parents in the lives of our children. We provide access and delivery of family court pleadings for child access matters.
  3. Consulting
    WeAreParents has more than twenty years of government consulting experience. We have worked with the leading government human services contractors in the country. We provide customized consulting platforms in a variety of specialized child support, parenting and development areas.
Empowering Our Parents
Trainings and Workshops for Head Start agencies, community action networks and parent groups
WeAreParents is proud to present our Empowering Our Parents series of trainings and workshops to direct service providers and parents. Topics  include Responsible Co-parenting 101, and additional topics to strengthen families including child support, child access, family court navigation, social services, expungement, workforce development, conflict mediation and more. We provide customized solutions tailored for your program demographic.

Empowering Our Parents - A Progressive Approach to Child Support, Child Access and Social Services provides parents with the tools to navigate the child support and family court system, We provide these tools directly for parents in a family friendly format or for direct service providers to help clients navigate these systems independently. Our trainings and workshops are designed to strengthen our clients and provide continued support for reinforcement and results.
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We Are Parents helps us direct our parents when they ask for
child support help and how to get visitation. 
Kesha Powell, Anne Arundel County Head Start​​
Employer Services
Consulting Services
Keep your fleet on the road and employees productive by offering child support and child access assistance for your employees. Employees will no longer have to spend time on the phone or away from work to address family matters that can only be performed during business hours. We have the experience to correspond with local child support offices and file family court pleadings within required timeframes.
WeAreParents provides customized program management and administrative support for government, community, and corporate entities. Our consulting platforms serve social service agencies, 
fatherhood and male involvement programs, community groups,
payroll professionals (garnishments)
pre-release programs, and more.
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